NCAA probations list

October 04, 1992

Schools currently on NCAA probation with sport, end date and sanctions (all sports are men's unless otherwise noted):

Auburn (Basketball, tennis, Nov. 22, 1993) -- No postseason 1991-1992 (BK); Grants limited to 14 for 1990-91 and 12 for 1992-93 (BK); only one (BK) coaching staff member may recruit off campus; head (BK) coach prohibited from recruiting off campus during National Letter of Intent signing period; expense-paid visits (BK) reduced from 15 to 7; restricted earnings for assistant coaches (BK) for 1992-93; assistant coach reassigned for one year (BK); assistant coach's salary frozen from March 3, 1991 to July 14, 1992 (BK); prohibited from employing volunteer or graduate assistant coaches for 1991-92 (BK); No postseason for men's team 1990-91 (TEN); Grants for men reduced from 5 to 4 for 1990-91 and 91-92 (TEN); no expense-paid visits (TEN) for 1992; forfeited victories (TEN) from Jan. 1, 1988 through May 5, 1990; disassociate two representatives; recertification.

District of Columbia (football, women's basketball, Sept. 25, 1994) -- Football program suspended for 1990 and 1991 seasons; women's (BK) suspended during 1989-90 season and for entire 1990-91 season; Forfeiture of all contests involving ineligible student-athletes; delete individual and team records of contests involving ineligible student-athletes; recertification; develop and implement educational program; written report regarding compliance and educational programs; annual progress reports for three years.

Hampton (football, Feb. 1, 1993) -- No postseason 1991-92; Forfeiture of all wins in 1986 and 1987, including conference championship; recertification of compliance.

Howard (football, Dec. 25, 1993) -- No postseason 1992-93; no more than 65 grants-in-aid for 1992-93 and 63 grants-in-aid for 1993-94; no more than 60 expense-paid visits for 1992-93; annual reports regarding implementation of comprehensive educational program; recertification.

Illinois (basketball, Nov. 12, 1993) -- No postseason 1990-91; No expense-paid visits 1991; No off-campus recruiting during 1991; Only head coach and one assistant may recruit off-campus during 1992; recertification of all sports programs; only two grants-in-aid for both 1991-92 and 1992-93; Head coach and two assistant coaches' salaries frozen for 1991; No bonuses for head coach and two assistant coaches for participation in 1990 NCAA tournament; An assistant coach placed on probation for two years and suspended from off-campus recruiting for two years (subject to review by university); disassociate one representative; annual reports regarding compliance and monitoring programs.

Jackson State (women's track, women's cross country, July 28, 1995) -- No postseason for 1992-93 for women's cross country and indoor and outdoor track; no contest other than regularly scheduled intercollegiate competition in women's cross country and track during 1992-93; institution may award only 75 percent of grants countable for women's cross country and track; forfeit all contests and intercollegiate meets involving ineligible student-athletes during 1988-89, 1989-90 and 1990-91 and delete earned points and adjust team standings; develop and implement comprehensive compliance and educational program for coaches and athletics department personnel and submit annual written reports; submit reduced budget for women's cross country and track for the 1992-92; recertification.

Maryland (basketball, Aug. 3, 1993) -- No postseason 1990-91 and 1991-92; No TV games 1990-91; Return receipts from participation in 1988 NCAA tournament; written reports for four years regarding compliance programs; recertification; Two grants cut from both 1990-91 and 1991-92.

Mass.-Lowell (ice hockey, March 21, 1993) -- No postseason for 1991-92; Written reports for two years regarding monitoring of program; required self-study; recertification.

Miami, Ohio (basketball, Jan. 17, 1993) -- Written reports for two years regarding monitoring of program; all contests, team and individual records vacated; recertification of compliance.

Michigan (baseball, March 26, 1993) -- No postseason 1989-90 and 90-91; No TV games 1989-90 and 90-91; No expense-paid recruiting visits during 1989-90; No off-campus recruiting through Aug. 31, 1990; No initial grants for 1990-91; Elimination of one assistant coaching position; 11 total grants for 1992-93; recertification; return 90 percent of net receipts received in 1984-89 championships; individual and team records vacated and stricken from those championships.

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