High scores mark start of new leagues


October 04, 1992|By DON VITEK

Anne Arundel County bowlers, duckpin and tenpin, continu to score well as the new fall/winter season continues to unwind.

At Greenway Bowl Odenton, Rod Wilson, a 200-plus average bowler, rolled a 298 game on the first night of the new season in the Monday Greenway Men's Trio. That's not the greatest news in the world, however, because he was bowling in a handicap league.

Tony Kreiner, a bowling mailman from Pasadena, had better luck. He fired the third 300 game of his career, the last game of four in the Monday Classic Trio at Fair Lanes Southdale. The first three games were 247, 198 and 182.

"I used a Pro Rhino that I bought from a friend for $50 many years ago," he said. "That old 16-pound Rhino still does the job, but I admit I was a little worried about the three units of oil that went into effect last year. But Butch Swain [manager of Southdale] keeps a good lane condition and the Pro Rhino flips over even on a wet lane."

Kreiner started bowling about eight years ago and is active in the Sunday Mercedes-Benz League at Ritchie Fair Lanes and the Thursday Capitol Men's league at Greenway Bowl Odenton.

That makes three different centers with three different lane conditions, and he still keeps his average over 200.

High scores at Riviera Bowl

At Riviera Bowl, the duckpin bowlers were greeting the new season with a string of high scores:

* Allen Griffith, who carries a 119 average in a scratch league, the Tuesday Night Men's league, threw a 502 series on Sept. 1.

* Brian Hudgins, with a 144 average, bowling in the Tuesday Commercial League, threw a 202 game and a 488 series.

* Jeff Warner, with a 111 average, threw a 129 and 110 game and then a 179 for a 418 series on Sept. 15.

* Jon Biederman, a 130 average bowler in the Tuesday Night Commercial League, had a 118 game along with a 197 and 183 for a 498 series.

* Bucky Wicklein, with a 119 average, threw a 178 game in the Tuesday Night Commercial League.

What's happening at Riviera Bowl this year?

"I'm getting the ball out on the lane more," Warner said. "My mother-in-law, Glenna Grimes [Riviera Bowl manager], gave me a little coaching and so did my brother."

Wicklein has other ideas than coaching for his fast start this year: "The lane conditions at Riviera Bowl are just great this year."

Last year Wicklein, an employee of the Department of Defense, carried a 119 average. This year, it's 132. He has been bowling about 10 years and has a high game of 213 and a high set of 499.

Award for Greenway Glen Burnie

Greenway Bowl Glen Burnie received the National Duckpin Youth Association award for outstanding youth bowler membership sanctioning for the 1991-92 season.

The center had the highest number of sanctioned youth bowlers per lane in the nation. The award was presented at the annual convention of the Duckpin Bowling Proprietors of America in Ocean City in July.

Growth in Severna Park

The Severna Park Women's Bowling Association has grown from a one-center organization with a membership of a few hundred to 4,000 bowlers in a half-dozen centers in South Anne Arundel County.

Nancy Carter, president of the SPWBA, said: "We try to keep doing a better job of servicing our members. If any problems arise, the organization is standing by to offer help immediately."

Carter, association president for about five years, bowled last year at Fair Lanes Annapolis in the Thursday 9 p.m. league and the Tuesday Evening League at the Naval Academy.

The new bowling season is under way, and the following women of the SPWBA have returned to the lanes. Helene Smoot of Glen Burnie collects tolls at the Bay Bridge and bowling trophies at the lanes. In the 1992 SPWBA championship tournament in the spring at Fair Lanes Southdale, she walked away with the handicap and scratch high series. The scratch 679 set is her career high. Her 99 handicap gave her a 778 handicap total.

"I just had one of those days. I guess I was successful in the tournament because I don't take bowling too seriously. I just enjoy the game." she said.

Smoot, a 165 average bowler, throws a 14-pound Hammer ball and has been bowling for about seven years since taking a

five-year break. She bowls Monday and Friday at Fair Lane Ritchie and Wednesday at Southdale.

Karen Franklin of Pasadena bowls one night each week in the Wednesday SPWBA league at Severna Park.

Franklin has a 184 average with a high game of 268 and a high set of 670-plus. A member of the SPWBA for 20 years, she has been bowling since she was 13. Employed by Natalie Silitch, a folk artist in Annapolis, Franklin is a former duckpin bowler.

"I'm just an average bowler," she said. "I use a 10-pound ball, and mostly I'm a spare shooter."

Donna Russell, an Annapolis resident, bowls in the Tuesday Late Comers League at Severna Park Lanes and has a 160 average with a high game of 263.

A credit assistant at the Annapolis Bank and Trust, she started bowling duckpins as a youngster. She's been a member of the SPWBA for six or seven years and sticks to tenpins.

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