Boo for the boo birdsThe fans that booed Mark Rypien at...


October 04, 1992

Boo for the boo birds

The fans that booed Mark Rypien at RFK Stadium and Cal Ripken at Camden Yards claimed that they have a right to boo them because they are paying the price of the tickets. Isn't that the truth? But those are the same fans who want their favorite athletes to behave like them. Like jerks!

I'll ask these fans, who would you like your sons to emulate when they grow up? The Rypiens and Ripkens of this world, or jerks like you?

Ana F. Rodriguez

ashington, D.C

Cal's no team player

If I were a baseball manager and had a player like Cal Ripken, I would trade him. He is not a team player. He is a selfish egotist who thinks of himself and not of the other players who are playing their hearts out to win a pennant.

After his poor performance for such a sustained period, he should have removed himself from the game. He will never be a team man as long as he pursues Lou Gehrig's record, which, by the way, he'll never reach. The Orioles should get rid of him.

Leo J. La Fontana

Great Barrington, Mass. Now that Memorial Stadium is unoccupied, why not allow the area's amateurs access to the facility?

Other than Camden Yards, the city's hardball fields are weak -- poor at best -- when compared with neighboring counties and states. Baltimore City doesn't have one lighted, fenced, accessible-to-the-public hardball diamond. Anne Arundel, Harford, Howard and Baltimore counties all have several.

If the city can't deliver Memorial Stadium for the amateurs, why not fence and light one or several of the hardball diamonds in the city already existing. Herring Run (off Lake Montebello), Carroll Park and Swan Park would make excellent sites for such a project.

And if Mayor Schmoke and Gov. Schaefer can't come up with the funding initiative, perhaps Cal Ripken, Glenn Davis, Mike Devereaux, Randy Milligan, Rick Sutcliffe or Eli Jacobs can.

ary M. Perlman


The Knights . . .

This letter may be premature, but I like to think positive. I feel if Baltimore gets an NFL team, it should be called the Knights. Maryland's state sport is jousting, and what would better represent us than a knight in shining armor?

Jousting is defined as formal combat as part of a tournament. I think that describes football perfectly. Also, this name would impose a homonym effect, as in what Baltimore Knights (nights) are like. Or we could say, "Baltimore days are divine, but our Knights are even better!"

We need a name that will create confidence, pride and respect. We can have all those characteristics by naming a new football team the Knights.

S. Boyle


. . . or the Banners?

How about the name Baltimore Banners if we get an NFL team? We could honor the birthplace of our national anthem and not offend any ethnic group or animal. The logo on the helmets could feature a streaming red, white and blue banner.

Mary V. Kirwan



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