LIZ McNEECE 40, of Owen Brown.Activities and hobbies: Mrs...


October 04, 1992

LIZ McNEECE 40, of Owen Brown.

Activities and hobbies: Mrs. McNeece said she loves walking when she has free time, reading novels and spending time with her family.

Organization's comments: "As a parochial school, St. LouiSchool has to depend on its volunteers for a multitude of services. Liz McNeece is one of these special people," said Sister Mary Catherine Duerr, principal of St. Louis School.

"In the nine years that Liz's children have been at St. Louis School, Liz has always been willing to come forward to fill a need. Name the project, and she has done it."

She has volunteered to be room mother and chairwoman for Hot Dog Day and a Bull and Oyster Roast. She is a member of the St. Louis School board, president of the Home School Association and assistant for Field Day, Carnival Day, Pizza Day, Bingo and doughnut and fruit sales.

Currently she is vice president of the school board and chairwoman for the Certificate Program.

"All of this she has accomplished while working part time. Her enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to serve has enriched our school. It is with a debt of gratitude that we say 'thank you' to Liz and all our many wonderful volunteers," said Sister Mary Catherine.

Volunteer's comments: "I have children, and I like to get involvein their lives," says Mrs. McNeece. "School is an important part of their lives, and the selfish part of me wants to be with them. And, I love the kids at the school. They are always so happy to see a familiar face. I do it [volunteer] for the teachers and staff to help them. I have fallen in love with the school. It is self-gratifying leaving each day and knowing maybe I have helped one person."

About Mrs. McNeece: She is married to John and has twchildren, Danny and Angie. Mrs. McNeece works part time at Calico's in the Dobbin Center.To make a nomination or receive a nomination form, call Jill L. Kubatko at 418-8013 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Nominations may be faxed to the office at 418-8016.

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