100 Years AgoAnnapolis -- The October term of the Anne...


October 04, 1992|By Complied by Robert M. Pennington from the state archives.

100 Years Ago

Annapolis -- The October term of the Anne Arundel Circuit Court began today in Annapolis. The last legislature created eight new officers, called oyster inspectors, whose salaries were paid at $600, or $75 per ;month. These salaries are to be paid from the fund created by a tax of 10 cents per 100 bushels, to be paid by the purchasers. So far there had not been paid into the treasury $100 to date on this account, and unless these inspectors report promptly once a month to the state treasury, as they are required to do, "they will be left in the lurch when they apply for their pay." The Sun, Oct. 17,1892.

Annnapolis -- In Annapolis, there were Columbus Day services in churches and schools, holiday was given at the Naval Academy and the state departments were closed. The salute for a holiday was fired at noon at the Navel Academy, and the state and national flats floated from the State House. Bunting was also displayed from residences in the city and from vessels in the harbor. The most pleasing exercises occurred in the schools. At St. John's College, ex-Judge Daniel R. Magruder made an address, "My Maryland" was played on the organ by Lt. R. H. Noble, United States Army, after which the students were dismissed to enjoy a general holiday. The Sun Oct. 21, 1892.

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