Clarksville, Highland, Glenelg, Lisbon


October 02, 1992


* Clarksville: 5400 block of Harris Farm Lane: Someone entered an unlocked garage between Sunday and Monday and took stereo equipment.

*6400 block of Haviland Mill Road: On Sept. 30, someonsmashed a window and took a stereo. TVs and VCRs were left behind.

* Cooksville: 14300 block of Frederick Road: Between Saturday and Sunday, someone entered a barn and took a foot locker, shanks, a 55-gallon barrel and horse webbings.

* Glenelg: 14800 block of View Way Court: Between Friday and Monday, someone smashed a door window at a construction site and took a cabinet.

* Lisbon: 15100 block of Frederick Road: Between Saturday and Monday, someone smashed glass to a builder's company and stole a battery pack, air conditioner and a hand truck.

*15100 block of Frederick Road: Someone smashed glass and (( stole a 500-pound paint rack and a battery pack between Saturday and Monday.

* Scaggsville: 8800 block of Doves Fly Way: Someone entered an unlocked window to a Ryland Home, kicked in a panel and took a dishwasher last Tuesday. Twenty lightbulbs were removed.

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