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September 30, 1992

SYKESVILLE — Plumbing contract awarded for new town police building

SYKESVILLE -- The Town Council awarded the plumbing contract on the new police building to F. E. Harrison & Sons.

The Union Bridge company bid $9,140, the lowest of three offers opened at Monday's council session.

Plans call for an addition to and renovation of the old maintenance building behind the Town House for use by the town's five-member police department, which is now crowded into town offices.

Earlier this month, the council approved $99,515 to pay Roy C. Kline Contractors Inc. of Smithsburg for that work.

The Washington County contractors also bid $14,467 for the plumbing work in the new headquarters, but lost out to Harrison & Sons.

Renovations "started on the building today and are moving fast," said Town Manager James L. Schumacher, who recommended accepting the plumbing bid as long as it meets the construction requirements.

Councilman Jonathan Herman will review the contracts with Mr. Schumacher and Police Chief Wallace P. Mitchell.

Cub Scout Pack 110 honors top riders


ELDERSBURG -- Cub Pack 110 recently had its annual bike rodeo and awarded a number of medals.

First- and second-year Webelos who took honors in various races were:

* Obstacle Course: Eric Wright, first; B.J. Law, second; Mike Jordon, third.

* Balance Test: B.J. Law, first; Eric Wright, second; Mike Haines, third.

* Newspaper Toss: Mike Jordon, first; Timmy Sensel, second; Joey Affayroux, third.

Wolves and Bears who won awards in their division were:

* Obstacle Course: Adam DeMarti, first; Matthew Arders, second; Chris Borleis, third.

* Balance Test: Eric Geiger, first; Matthew Anders, second; Daryl DeMarti, third.

* Newspaper Toss: Eric Geiger, first; Mike Law, second; Keith Parker, third.

Den winners were:

* Fastest: Webelos, first; Bears den 2, second; Bears den 4, third.

* Pony Express: Bears den 4, first; Webelos, second; Bears den 2, third.

* Clown Toss: Webelos, first; Bears den 4, second; Bears den 2, third.


* Oklahoma: Sykesville, Gamber and Liberty Road from Baltimore County responded to put out an oven fire on Red River Road, Sunday at 7:11 p.m.

* Eldersburg: Sykesville was dispatched for a fire in an automobile at 9:17 p.m. Sunday on Route 26 at Georgetown Boulevard.

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