City officer to return to duty, absolved in county robbery

September 30, 1992|By Michael James | Michael James,Staff Writer

A suspended Baltimore police officer is to return to active duty after a Baltimore County grand jury yesterday did not return an indictment against him in a case involving the robbery of two people in their Hillendale apartment.

Officer Garcia Gilmore, 25, who had been suspended without pay, will have his full police powers restored tomorrow and will go back on the street, said Sam Ringgold, a city police spokesman.

Mr. Ringgold said that an internal investigation of the officer has been dropped.

"They [the internal affairs unit] looked into it initially. But Baltimore County has dropped the charges for lack of evidence," Mr. Ringgold said, adding that the officer will return to his patrol duties in the Northeast District.

Officer Gilmore has been a city policeman for about 14 months. He was arrested last month on an armed robbery charge.

The officer had been accused of being one of four men who posed as police and federal agents carrying out a drug raid on Aug. 20. A man was stabbed and a woman was sexually assaulted in the incident.

The assailants -- some wearing clothing with the initials DEA -- stormed into an apartment in the 6600 block of English Oak Road. One of the men appeared to be wearing a police uniform, the victims said. The men searched for narcotics, but found none, police said.

The apartment was occupied by Temidayo Sekiteri, 36, a native of Nigeria, and his 22-year-old female roommate.

Police said that the intruders knocked Mr. Sekiteri to the floor, covered his face with duct tape and handcuffed him to a wall railing between two rooms. One of the men then stabbed Mr. Sekiteri in the upper right leg and left him bleeding on the floor.

Two of the men took the woman into a bedroom and forced her to perform a sex act, police said.

Sue A. Schenning, a Baltimore County deputy state's attorney, said that the grand jury did not indict Officer Gilmore after hearing that one of the victims had been unable to identify him from a police line- up.

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