Fishermen haul prizes out of lake 3-foot bear raffled at Elkhorn festival EAST COLUMBIA


September 29, 1992|By NATALIE HARVEY

I am your new community correspondent for East Columbia.

Our "designated" East Columbia neighborhood will include all residents, schools, churches and organizations in the villages of Owen Brown, Long Reach, Oakland Mills, Kings Contrivance and Dorsey's Search.

The Village of Oakland Mills has been home for our family the past six years. My career in journalism began as a neighborhood reporter when I lived in Delaware. Since then I have been an editor of a corporate publication and features editor for magazines while living in Chicago. I have been published nationally and internationally as a free-lance photojournalist.

Coming full circle, once again I'll be reporting neighborhood news. People not only make the news; they make the news interesting and therefore are important to their neighborhood. Now, I need your help to publicize our neighborhoods. Please call me with your news at 740-4479. I have an answering machine for your messages and will always return your calls.

Has your family had any engagements, weddings or awards recently? Is your church or organization planning a fund-raiser? Your neighbors would like to share your pride and participate in events, too. To ensure that all information is correct (spelling, dates, time) please print or type your information and send it to the Howard County Sun, 3300 North Ridge Road, Suite 140, Ellicott City, 21043

* The Lake Elkhorn Festival wasn't stopped by the weekend rains, says Ruth Bohse, manager of the Village of Owen Brown.

"The rain didn't stop anything. We had sun all afternoon. The whole event was nice," she says.

The event included a "3-foot bear" raffle, and the winner was Pam Banks of Hickory Ridge. A fishing contest -- with fish hauled out of Lake Elkhorn -- was a hit, and winners are as follows:

Most fish caught: First place went to Gabriel Beam with three fish; Tommy McCarthy of Owen Brown and Kristie Dunsmore of the Village of Owen Brown tied for second.

Length of fish: Jimmy Andrews of Owen Brown was first with a 9 1/4 -inch fish, Kristie Dunsmore was second, and Tommy McCarthy was third.

Weight of fish: A tie for first was shared by Tommy McCarthy and Jimmy Andrews, with fish weighing in at 6 ounces each; in second place was Kristie Dunsmore.

Winners had to be age 13 and under.

* Have you driven the new Broken Land extension to U.S. 29? After months of watching the State Highway Administration crews changing the topography, we drivers now know exactly what they had in mind. The mystery of mounds rocks and dirt, slabs of concrete and disappearing trees has now had a solution: a sweeping boulevard and bridges to U.S. Route 29 and Little Patuxent Parkway.

Speaking of SHA, I personally want to extend my thanks to the SHA crew who helped me with an automotive emergency. My car had a flat tire. It was late at night, and I managed to get to their lighted working area. They changed my tire, and I was on my way home in minutes. Thank you all again.

* Sidewalk superintendents may want to keep tabs on the new East Columbia Howard County library under construction on Cradlerock Road in Owen Brown. In addition to having a library with all its usual functions and information, I understand that there will also be a meeting place for senior citizens.

* No one likes to talk about it, but, perhaps this first column is a good opportunity to mention that there are illegal acts occurring in our neighborhood.

There is something each of us can do about it. Be alert. Care about your neighbor's safety and property. When a problem arises, call 911. The Police Department needs our help to prevent and investigate neighborhood problems.

Oakland Mills has its own police liaison, Mary Feldman. Call Ms. Feldman to discuss potential as well as active problems. Also, the Howard County Police Public Information Office, 313-2266, has officers who go to organization and neighborhood meetings to discuss crime prevention.

* Harvest is a fall event. Visit the Farmers Market at the Oakland Mills village parking lot each Thursday through the month of October for fall fruits, vegetables and flowers fresh from the farms and orchards.

* September is also the beginning of the 1992-1993 school year for East Columbia high school students who were awarded Maryland scholarships from a committee appointed by Del. Virginia Thomas, District 13B.

The six Oakland Mills High School graduates who were recipients are: Mankit Betty Lee, Leonard Boyd, Jarrett Reid, Christopher Wynne, Heather Caldwell and Courtney Williamson.

Hammond High School's awardees were Anthony DerCola and Jeremy Calvert. A. Iharmadhikari of Howard High School was the winner from his school.

State Delegate Scholarships are awarded each year. Notice of the scholarships is published in the newspapers and school counselors also have the applications and information.

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