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September 29, 1992

3 car windows smashed

Two cars parked on East Main Street had windows shattered Thursday, their owners reported to city police, and a third victim's car had a window smashed on Pennsylvania Avenue.

In the Main Street vandalism, Nellie Beard estimated her loss at $100 and Eric H. Roberge said his loss was $125.

Both cars were parked near their owner's home.

In the Pennsylvania Avenue incident, Bernadine Bankert told Westminster police a window of her car was broken while the vehicle was parked near her home. She estimated damage at about $400.


* Westminster

* Englar Road: Kevin Roberson, an official of Kmart reported that someone sprayed an unknown liquid into a vending machine in front of the store on Thursday. Damage cost in unknown.

* 17th Street: Rodney A. Sykes, of Taneytown, told police the CB antenna was removed from his car. Loss is estimated at $105.

* Longwell Playground: Articles valued at $65 were removed from a refrigerator of St. Luke's Winter's Lutheran Church while they were set up at the Fall Fest.

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