Teen sues police officer, claims injury in bike chase PASADENA

September 29, 1992

A 16-year-old Baltimore boy and his mother filed suit against a county police officer yesterday, alleging the officer's driving three years ago caused a bicycle accident that injured him.

Robert Lee Sanders of the 200 block of Brideview Road claims that on Nov. 18, 1989, Officer August Hein began chasing him in a police cruiser "without warning" along the 8000 block of Ritchie Highway.

Young Sanders claims that the officer ended the chase by swerving his cruiser in front of the boy, forcing him to hit the car.

The suit states that the collision was "solely the result of the negligence" of the officer, and that as a result, Robert "suffered -- serious, painful and permanent bodily injuries."

The suit, which seeks $250,000, names Officer Hein, Police Chief Robert Russell, the Anne Arundel County government and the state of Maryland as co-defendants.

Neither the mother, Mae Starr, nor her attorney, Karl H. Goodman, could be reached yesterday for comment.

County Attorney Judson Garrett declined comment on the suit, saying he had yet to see it.

Officer Hein contested the description of events provided in the suit.

He said the incident "didn't happen that way at all."

But he also said he would have to see the suit and discuss it with his superiors before going into any detail.

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