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September 29, 1992|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,Staff Writer

A headline in Tuesday's Anne Arundel editions should have said that Maxine Copeland of Pasadena was shot in the head. A second headline that day should have said that the West County Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring an auction at the Sarah's House shelter.

The Baltimore Sun regrets the errors.

Sarah's House, a homeless shelter at Fort Meade, needs money, cereal, hair products, canned fruit and coffee. Susan Flamino needs a painting for her kitchen wall. Next month, both could get what they need.

The West Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring an art auction Oct. 17 to raise money and other much sought-after items for the 64-bed shelter.


"To the business community, this is very important," said Mary Chewning, chairwoman of the community affairs committee and a member of the board of directors. "Everybody sees the business community as people who are takers and really don't give much. They think we are out for the fast buck, but we are out in the community."

The Heisman Fine Arts Gallery, based in Ardmore, Pa., is putting on the auction. The artists who sell paintings will get the money from the sale; Sarah's House will get a percentage of the ticket revenue.

Ms. Chewning said organizers hope to raise $1,000 for the shelter. Tickets cost $10 for one or $15 for two. Sarah's House will get 10 percent of the proceeds. The rest of the money will go for overhead costs and to help support other chamber programs.

"We always can use cash donations in any way, shape or form," said Jane Strong, the volunteer development coordinator for the shelter. "We are not sure what the pending budget cuts will bring. We are delighted."

Last year, the chamber raised $4,100 with a food drive for the Meade High School Teen Infant Program, a day-care center in the school that allows students with children to stay in school and still spend time with their youngsters during the day.

The art auction will offer 160 paintings from local and national artists and will include original and non-original off-sets.

Ms. Flamino, who bought a town house last month in the Piney Orchard development in Odenton, is an auction ticket-holder. She is looking for a painting of flowers or of nature to hang in her kitchen.

"I love art," she said. "I've never been to an art show before. I've been to lots of museums, but as far as an actual auction, never.

"I have lots of empty walls."

The art auction starts at 8 p.m. at the Piney Orchard Visitors Center in Odenton. A preview of the available paintings will begin at 7 p.m.

Tickets are available from the chamber or at local businesses.

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