* Hu Qiaomu, a hard-line Marxist theorist who played a key...


September 29, 1992

* Hu Qiaomu, a hard-line Marxist theorist who played a key role in purging liberal Chinese intellectuals during the past 10 years, died yesterday at age 81. The Chinese state-run Xinhua News Agency said he died of an unspecified illness. Mr. Hu recently declared: "The bourgeois politicians have clamored: Marxism is dead and so is socialism. Let them clamor and boast their victories and seek comfort in their dreams. We are holding high the banner of Leninism and triumphantly developing the socialist cause." He was the fourth member to die this year of the hard-line camp that has opposed senior leader Deng Xiaoping's efforts to push market-style reforms and more openness to the outside world. The deaths weaken the hard-liners in advance of the national Communist Party congress scheduled for October.

* Ralph Manheim, the acclaimed translator of authors Gunter Grass and Bertolt Brecht, died Saturday in Cambridge, England, from an illness that was not specified in a press statement. He was 85. Mr. Manheim translated more than 100 books, mainly from German and French, but also from Dutch, Polish and Serbo-Croatian. Several of his translations were of masterpieces of 20th century literature, including Grass' "The Tin Drum" (1962).

* Hermann Neuberger, who supervised the organization of soccer's World Cup tournaments, died Sunday. He was 72. The world governing body of soccer, the Federation Internationale de Football Association, said he died of an incurable disease, but gave no details. Mr. Neuberger became vice president of FIFA in 1974 and head of the German Soccer Federation the following year.

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