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September 29, 1992

Let's not fail George Bush again

Everyone is a critic these days, and that reminds me of a definition I once heard for a critic: "A critic is one who chooses never to do battle for one's self, but waits until the battle has been fought, then steps out onto the battle field and shoots at the dead bodies."

That definition most certainly applies to a lot of Bush-bashers out there.

We, as a nation, must stop looking to President George Bush to deliver unto us a kinder, gentler nation, as referred to in his "thousand points of light" speech. He has not failed us so much as we failed him.

We must, each and every one of us, take responsibility for our own behavior and state of mind.

What he did, as I perceive it, was to offer us an abstract concept. Each one of those thousand points of light was to have given birth in turn to a million points of light, and so on and so forth.

There is the infinite and we are each the finite expression of it. It was up to the nation to turn the abstraction into something concrete and we didn't do it. It is we, the people, that comprise the nation.

No president can create jobs; that is up to corporate America. What will those jobs do though for people who don't really want to work? No president can motivate you; only you can.

No president can balance the budget alone any more than he can your checkbooks. No president can supply you with good, positive family values; you must do that for yourself. No president can do your thinking for you; you must do that yourself.

Again, he has offered us an abstract concept. It is up to us to carry out the challenge of turning that concept into something more concrete. We failed him once; let's not fail him again.

Judi Allen-Hanford


Police shootings

With the one Baltimore City officer shot, James E. Young Jr. still in Shock-Trauma and Officer Ira N. Weiner now deceased, it galls me to read the quote attributed to Carla Edwards (The Evening Sun, Sept. 21), "I feel for the officer, his family and the department, I really do. But people get shot here every week, and nothing is done to find who did it." She also comments, "once someone is shot, aren't they like everyone else?"

Every shooting should be treated the same, but no, everyone shot is not equal.

An officer is a person who is risking his or her life to protect the public, a police officer is not a person on the corner selling drugs, a police officer is not a person who would just go out and shoot an innocent person.

Yes, a police officer's shooting is different and my heart goes out to the two brave officers' families.

Mary L. Snyder


The destructive war

How is it all going to end? Pro-choice or pro-life? Time out. Let's just think about it a minute.

This is like a war that cannot be won by either side. Both sides are adamant and obviously believe they and they only have the "right."

Isn't it about time to combine efforts and work toward a common goal? Mothers are being torn apart by difficult decisions that must be made in the emotional "heat of battle."

Why is it political? It's a health issue -- emotional and physical. To those to whom it's a moral and religious issue, their decision is clear cut.

But. . . if tests are being done to detect birth defects, how can we now remove the right to abort a seriously malformed fetus? Even pro-life women will wage an internal war over that. Some will choose to have that defective child and will nurture it. That "right" would not change anyway.

Mothers who choose abortion will often regret that decision. Even they cannot deny that the fetus had been a small living being. Emotional scars remain, even if deeply hidden.

Women and, yes, also children who find themselves pregnant at some difficult time of their lives need more than a quick abortion and then on to another pregnancy.

A young girl who had an abortion risks formation of scar tissue that might mar a future pregnancy when one is hoped for. If on the other hand, she chooses to have and keep her baby, then we have a child who has her own child.

There are no easy or good solutions. There are better places to wage wars than against each other. This battle is tearing families and even our nation in pieces.

Legal abortion is now available in many places. Let us now join together and solve related problems, such as children in poverty, inadequate prenatal care, birth defect research, counseling and aid to parents of children with health problems and handicaps (not all defects can be detected before birth), teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and maternal and parental education.

Imagine what could be done with combined money and efforts. How much more could be done by our legislators when this stops being a political issue.

My personal belief, while very strong, is not reflected in this letter. That is between my God and me. While I believe in "my right," others believe just as strongly in their "right"; thus, an impasse.

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