Howard County Schools

September 28, 1992

Non-countians can attend Howard schools

Residents of other Maryland counties or other states can send their children to Howard County schools if they are willing to pay the price.

This year, students who live elsewhere in the state but choose to attend Howard schools must pay $2,300 for kindergarten or $4,600 for elementary and secondary tuition.

Out-of-state students must pay additional charges. The kindergarten fee is $3,000, while the elementary and secondary rate is $6,000.

To enroll their children in Howard County, the parents of non-residents must apply through the Pupil Services Department.

Child-care centers give student discounts

Eighteen Howard County child-care centers are offering discounts to students and staff members of Howard Community College.

They may pick up a list of participating centers in the Student Services lobby, of the Library Building.

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