Caroll County Schools


September 28, 1992

JILL ROBIN SISSON, 16, daughter of Nelson and Pat Sisson of Finksburg.

School: Westminster High School senior.

Honored for: Publishing her poetry in The Apprentice Writer, a regional literary magazine for high school students published by Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania, and in Quintessence, the Westminster High School literary magazine. She is co-editor of Quintessence and is among three seniors who initiated an independent study in creative writing at school. Also, she is among 360 semifinalists in the state's Distinguished Scholars program.

Goals: To be a poet. "I'm not really sure where I'm going to college yet. I want to be a high school teacher, too, either English or history, because you can't really make a living writing poetry. At least I can't expect to. That's really not the reason I want to do it."

Comments: "[I write poetry] so that I can live on after my death, so that I can add something to this world that won't necessarily leave when I do. That's a very selfish reason. Poets are selfish."

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