Cardinal Jacques Martin, a close aide to Pope John Paul II...


September 28, 1992

Cardinal Jacques Martin, a close aide to Pope John Paul II who organized many of the pope's trips and traveled with him, died yesterday. He was 84. Cardinal Martin had been suffering heart trouble and died of a heart attack, the Vatican said. Born in Amiens, France, he worked in the Vatican's department of state from 1934 to 1969. That year, he was appointed head of the papal household, the department in charge of the pope's daily affairs. In that job, he organized the trips of John Paul, who traveled frequently in those years. In 1986 the pope named him an archbishop and prefect emeritus of the papal household.

* Norbert Burger, a neo-Nazi convicted in Italy for waging a terrorist campaign for the return of the Italian South Tyrol, has died, the Austrian Press Agency reported yesterday. He was 63. The agency, citing an unidentified member of Mr. Burger's household, said he died late Saturday of a long illness at his home in Kirchberg am Wechsel, about 40 miles southwest of Vienna. It did not specify the illness. Mr. Burger escaped conviction in several sensational trials in Austria and West Germany in connection with terrorist activities in the Italian territory, which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the end of World War I.

Jacob A. Salzmann, an expert on dentistry, orthodontics and cleft palates, died Friday at his home in in Manhattan. He was 91. He was recently hospitalized, but the cause of death was not disclosed. Dr. Salzmann was an outspoken advocate of early dental and orthodontic treatment for children, of incorporating dentistry and orthodontics into public-health programs and of making examinations and treatment available to poor people.

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