Anne Arundel Schools


September 28, 1992

ERIC HOWARD, 16, of Brooklyn Park.

School: North County High School in Linthicum.

Honored for: Maintaining a consistent balance between his part-time job, school (where he holds a 3.7 grade point average), and serving as the quarterback for his school's football team, the Knights. Eric, a member of the National Honors Society, is frequently on the school's honors lists. As quarterback, he averages more than 300 yards in passing per game. He has a record of perfect attendance at school, since the ninth grade. His interests include mathematics, computers and football.

Comments: "Balancing work, school and football is pretty hard, and I don't always have enough time to sleep, but I'm glad for what I have, and for the success at what I do, because I've had to work for everything. Nobody has ever given me a thing, and I'm very proud of that. Everything I've ever owned I've bought myself."

Goals: "I hope to attend the University of Maryland because it's one of the top 10 engineering schools in the country. I want to play football in college, and to be a computer engineer, but even if I couldn't play football, I'd still want to go to college. All I ever do when I have some spare time, is mess around on the computer, it's just that the chance to do both would be so much better."

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