Taking community's pulse requires special attention ANNAPOLIS/SOUTH COUNTY


September 28, 1992|By LYN DEAN

If I've learned one thing from living in six different towns in six different states in 13 years (and I wasn't even in the military), it's that the best way to get the pulse of a new place is to pay attention to what the community does for itself: to check out the benefit events, and the celebrations, and what kind of things the high schools raise money for.

These are always indications of the heart of the community. I think that what we love and work for, outside ourselves and our immediate family, is as important as what we "do," and the collective energy of working for others defines a community as much as its economic statistics and demographics.

Because of this, I'm very pleased to be able to indulge my curiosity about my new home of Annapolis in conjunction with this rethought, expanded, and renamed section of The Sun. I've worked for, or with, non-profit organizations most of my adult life (with the exception of a couple of years with a pair of commercial radio stations that were indeed non-profit, but not by design).

I know how important it is to the success of an event, or an organization itself, that people know about it.

I have some preferences in entertainment and causes, though if I do my job right, you won't know about any but one -- volunteerism. I know from personal experience how much of the good stuff in this life is accomplished by volunteers, and I know that they/you are more important than ever in these economic times.

"New blood" is always needed in an organization, just as there are always people looking for something new to do. Let's make some matches! When you contact me about your organization's activities or events, particularly at first, please tell me as much as you can about what it's about, and why. The more I understand about your project, the better I can translate that into enticing copy that may have long-term benefits.

As for who I am? A woman who has been lucky to sample many lifestyles, travel a lot, and know some wonderful people. I worked for public TV and radio stations in New Hampshire, Tucson, and Columbus, Ohio, raised a daughter whom I thought was going to be a word person, but turned into a health physicist (being awed by your offspring is a wonderful and humbling feeling), and had become a confirmed (northern) California girl until a special Annapolitan lured me here.

I have a 4-month-old chocolate Lab puppy, love cooking and sailing and hiking and quilts and books that make me cry, and I look forward to hearing about you and your projects, and passing it on.

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