A new Evening Sun in Howard HOWARD COUNTY

September 28, 1992

Today marks a milestone for this newspaper. In Howard, Anne Arundel and Carroll counties, The Evening Sun is increasing its scope of coverage and presenting it in a way to serve these communities better. The changes are dramatic and somewhat self-evident in the pages that follow.

On this page, we also hope to offer the residents of Howard County something that is informative and unlike anything we have offered before. Monday through Friday, this space will be reserved for commentary on topics important to Howard County. This commitment, we hope, will expand the dialogue between the newspaper and the community.

The opinions expressed here will represent those of The Baltimore Sun's editorial board. By being a more consistent commentator, we hope to reach a better understanding of the community and its concerns. The editorials will be written from our bureau in Ellicott City. The result should be editorials that present good arguments on issues that matter most to Howard countians.

While we will continue our focus on politics and the machinations of county government, we will not shy from matters such as that controversial traffic signal proposed for your neighborhood, or the efforts of your school's PTA or that local hero who deserves a commendation. Still, as we talk to you, we want you to feel free to talk back to us.

On Sunday, letters to the editor will run in the Howard County/Maryland news section. Again, this is a forum exclusively for matters of concern to Howard residents. We welcome your contributions, which can be mailed to: Letters to the Editor, The Baltimore Sun, 3300 North Ridge Road, Suite 140, Ellicott City, MD, 21043. Letters can also be faxed to us at 410-418-8016.

In addition, your Sunday local section will also include a column dTC written by Kevin Thomas, an editorial writer. Unlike the daily editorials, this column will express the opinions of the writer and not necessarily of the editorial board.

Whether or not you agree with Mr. Thomas' views, we anticipate that you will want to respond from time to time. You can do that by writing to the address above.

Our goal is to improve our communication with you by writing more frequently and with greater understanding about the place where you live.

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