For the 1992 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, scheduled...


September 28, 1992

GET READY for the 1992 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 1, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sponsored by the MIT Museum and the Journal of Irreproducible Results, the Ig Nobel Prizes are a legacy from the estate of the legendary Ignatius ("Ig") Nobel, mythical inventor of soda pop. Ig Nobel believed himself to be a relative of Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite and later endowed the prestigious prizes that bear his name.

Names of this year's winners are a heavily guarded secret, but we can get some idea of the judges' proclivities by listing three of last year's winners:

Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb, who won the Ig Nobel Peace Prize; Michael Milken, imprisoned father of the junk bond, who won the Ig Nobel Economics Prize; and Vice President Dan Quayle, "consumer of time and occupier of space," who won the Ig Nobel Education Prize for "demonstrating better than anyone else the need for science education."

Few of last year's winners could attend the ceremony -- Milken was said to have "had a prior 15- to 20-year engagement" -- but most had substitute acceptors. Accepting on Milken's behalf nTC was Tammy Bakker, who spoke tearfully of the warm friendship her husband had developed with the prize-winner while the two men were temporarily confined.

According to a press release from the MIT Museum, five (Alfred) Nobel laureates will hand out the awards. Lab coat or other experimental attire is suggested but by no means required.

The Journal of Irreproducible Results, written by scientists and doctors from around the world, has stood for more than 35 years as "the publication of record for overly stimulating research and ideas."

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