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September 28, 1992

Legalize drugs and use the death penalty

Yes, I believe in rehabilitation of criminals, but some criminals cannot be rehabilitated. Those are the born criminals. Psychologists and psychiatrists know this.

As a former teacher, I saw many young students who developed a continuous pattern of resisting authority, leading to a potential criminal life. I and many of my colleagues have seen in the media criminals who once were authority-resisting students.

The justice system in this country is too lenient. It protects the criminal more than the victim. This applies to white-collar as well as blue-collar crime.

Most crimes are drug-related. If decriminalization of drugs is made legal, the profit of the drug business will decline.

We know this, but why are we so afraid to legalize drugs? They are legalized in some European countries, and their crime is at a minimum.

We need to bring back the death penalty and make it a reality, not a promise. A promise is when you sit on death row for years, appealing.

In many countries of the world, punishment is harsher. Cutting off the hands of a thief may sound primitive, but it sure will deter. Bring back an eye for an eye, and mean it.

Revamping the laws for punishment for murder and drug dealing needs to be done rapidly from the local and national levels with immediate strict enforcement.

Let's stop sitting around the table talking about what and why. We know the what and why. . . . If criminals murder policemen, then what is an ordinary law-abiding citizen's life worth?

Lola J. Massey


It's Reagan's fault!

I knew it. I just knew it. And now Dan Rodricks (Sept. 21) has confirmed it. Ronald Reagan was behind those cop shootings in Baltimore last weekend. (Thank goodness the Bible was written before Reagan was born. Otherwise, it would have had to be twice as long to cover his sins, and he would have made Satan look like a chump.)

The prevalent political/media mindset that legislation and government programs have anything to do with basic human values and morality is frightening and must be refuted.

It makes one wonder how our country could ever have grown and flourished, much less with law and order, before welfare, aid to families with dependent children, Head Start, national health care, unemployment insurance, subsidized housing, food stamps, free condoms, free needles, and on and on, were even a twinkle in a socialist's eye.

Dave Reich


A beautiful city -- 'til morning light

One of the things you notice right away about Baltimore is how beautiful it is at night. The lights on the water and even in midtown come alive, and never overwhelm the sense that the city can be lived in and even caring.

But that sense is soon shaken as daylight hours show streets seemingly peaceful enough, yet troubled. The bodies from the night before have been taken away, but not the blood. It has seeped into the concrete and traces remain for all to see, if you want to look. Few people do, or for long anyway.

They might as well put barbed wire around the whole place and make it official. First they should put up one monument though, fitting for a city nicknamed after bunches of them erected all over town.

This one should be beckoning people -- shyly, almost secretly. Maybe it should be hooded, like an ancient saint/modern criminal and dressed in robes of the prophet/homeless, asking or maybe pleading for one more unfortunate left out to come in and stay awhile. . . .

If the suburbs don't want you anymore or didn't want you in the first place, then you will feel right at home. Suffering or singing, talking to or being talked to by persons unseen, begging for one more hot meal to live one more cold night, it doesn't really matter. You will fit.

Steamed crabs and hot dog smells from the new stadium mix together in the gathering twilight. September is not a bad month in which to mourn. Not bad at all.

F. J. McGloin


Terrible injustice

Thank you for the very interesting article regarding American servicemen being held in captivity after the Vietnam War.

How could two men who held the position of secretary of defense knowingly cover up this terrible injustice to our military and country? I wonder how they could sleep with that kind of information in their heads.

A real investigation should take place and all the guilty involved charged, then prosecuted for allowing politics to sacrifice these defenders of our nation.

Revelations such as this are why Americans have lost confidence and respect for government. When will it stop?

Donald C. Royston


Ticket bonanza

I am not sure of the definition of a sucker, but if I paid $12 for an $8 seat to Oriole games, I probably fit the bill. It would seem that most reserved seat prices will increase $2 next season, but my seats decrease by $4. What does that really mean?

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