What's luck got to do with it? Dot Yeager's record speaks for itself


September 27, 1992|By DONLAD G. VITEK

When Bill Yeager was asked, "Do you bowl in the senior league at Thunderhead Westminster, too?" his answer was swift. "Not like she does!"

"She" is Dot Yeager, Bill's wife.

Both Yeagers are retired from employment with the Chesapeake and Potomac telephone company. About seven years ago they moved from Baltimore to Westminster and were able to resume duckpin bowling in their retirement.

The Yeagers bowl with the Wednesday morning seniors at Thunderhead, where Bill averages about 103 and Dot carries about 119.

Averages are considered unimportant by the seniors who gather Wednesday morning for duckpin bowling and camaraderie. Much more important than averages is the exercise and fun and the social aspects of the event for the senior citizens. "Thank goodness that the senior bowlers aren't finicky about keeping averages formally," said Dot.

Last year she had a career-high set of 427 and a high game of 172. But on Sept. 9, just at the beginning of the new bowling season, she hammered out a 192 game.

"She only had two open frames," Bill said, "With a little luck she could have had a 200 game."

Dot said, "I was just lucky, I guess."


Denise Rill was lucky as well in the second meeting of the Wednesday Morning Ladies League at Thunderhead lanes.

That league is a handicap league, and on the second morning of the fall season, Rill had games of 127, 97 and 210.

The unlucky part is that now she has an astronomically high average for the next few weeks at least.

The Hampstead resident has been bowling since she was 8 years old. Her husband, Steve, carries a 133 average. She has returned to bowling after a short lay-off.

"It was difficult to get baby-sitters last year," said Rill, a 117-average duckpinner. "[I'm] just glad to be bowling again."


The official prize list of the 62nd annual National Tournament that took place in May at Fontana Bowlarama in Silver Spring is available. The duckpin event drew bowlers nationwide and was a three-game format.

Patricia Milburn and Jack Hart of Mount Airy are on that list.

Milburn shot a 488 series, added 117 handicap pins for a total of 565 and took the first-place prize in the women's singles event that was good for a $500 check.

Then she teamed with James Taylor of Takoma Park to win the mixed doubles with a total pinfall of 1,006. That was good for a $1,000 check.

Hart tied for fifth place in the men's singles. He scored 465 and added 102 handicap pins for a total of 568.


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