Proposed Charter

September 27, 1992


We, the people of Carroll County, Maryland, in order to secure all the benefits and advantages of self-government and self-determination, do hereby, in accordance with the Constitution and Laws of the State of Maryland, ordain, establish, and adopt as our instrument of government this Charter of CARROLL COUNTY, MARYLAND.

Article I

Name and Exercise of Powers

Section 1.1 -- Body Corporate and Politic.

Carroll County, as it now exists, constitutes a body corporate and politic. It shall have all the rights, powers, and privileges of self-government as are now or may hereafter be provided or necessarily implied by this Charter and by the Constitution and Laws of the State of Maryland.

Section 1.2 -- Exercise of Powers.

The Powers mentioned in the preceding section shall be exercised only by the County Council of Carroll County and other officers, agents, and employees of the County acting under their respective authorities. In the exercise of such powers, all citizens of Carroll County shall be accorded equal treatment and protection in all matters under the jurisdiction of the County Government.

Section 1.3. Name.

The corporate name shall be "CARROLL COUNTY, MARYLAND," and it shall thus be designated in all actions and proceedings concerning its rights, powers, properties, liabilities, obligations, and duties.

Article II

The County Council

Section 2.1. Composition of Council.

There shall be a County Council of Carroll County, Maryland, composed of five (5) members who shall each be elected from a different Council District. The County shall be divided into five (5) Council Districts, numbered one (1) through five (5). The qualified voters of each of such districts shall nominate candidates and elect a resident of that district to serve as a member of the Carroll County Council. All Council members shall be nominated and elected by the qualified voters of the county as are the members of the General Assembly of Maryland.

Section 2.2. Qualifications.

Council members shall be registered voters of and residents of the County for at least six (6) months immediately prior to their election or appointment. During their term of office, they shall not hold any other elected public office in federal, state, county, or municipal government, or any office or employment in Carroll County government. They shall not, during the whole term for which they were elected or appointed, be eligible for appointment to any County office or position carrying compensation. Upon conviction of an infamous crime, they shall be removed in the manner provided in the Maryland Constitution, Article XV, Section 2. They shall immediately forfeit their office upon ceasing to be a resident of their respective district, or upon adjudication by the Circuit Court for Carroll County of mental incompetence or gross dereliction of duty, upon petition of not less than three Council members.

Section 2.3. Term of Office.

Members of the Council shall hold office for a term beginning at noon on the first Monday of December next following the regular election of the Council and ending at noon on the first Monday of December in the fourth year thereafter.

Section 2.4. Compensation.

A member of the first Council elected under this Charter shall receive as compensation for the performance of public duties the sum of $7,500 per annum. Compensation for subsequent Councils shall be recommended by a Compensation Review Commission. The Commission shall consist of five County residents who shall be appointed by the Council. Members of the Council and officers and employees of the County Government shall not be eligible for appointment. The members of the Commission shall serve without compensation but may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in carrying out their responsibilities.

By February 1 of each year in which the Council is to be electedthe Commission by formal resolution shall submit its determinations for compensation to the Council. The Council shall accept, reduce, or reject, but shall not increase any item in ,, the resolution. The resolution, with any reductions adopted by the Council, shall have the force of law as of the beginning of the term of office of the next Council. Rates of compensation shall be uniform for all members of the Council, except that the officers of the Council may receive higher compensation as recommended by the Compensation Review Commission.

Section 2.5. Vacancies.

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