Should Carroll adopt charter government?A committee has...


September 27, 1992

Should Carroll adopt charter government?

A committee has been working for nearly nine months to draft a charter that would serve as a constitution for Carroll County. The document outlines a government structure that would transfer authority to enact certain local laws from the state legislature to a county council.

The proposed charter is in nearly final form and copies are available from public library branches. The committee plans to put the charter on the Nov. 3 ballot for a referendum vote. We have asked readers if they plan to vote for or against the charter and what they think is wrong with either the commissioner form or charter form of government. Here is one reply:

From: Samuel R. Dorsey

Mount Airy

I intend to vote against the proposed charter government for the simple reason, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

RF I know of no specific instances where the citizens of Carroll Coun

ty were harmed by the necessity of having certain laws passed by the legislature.

If the charter is approved, I am of the opinion the cost of government will increase but the amount would be hard to determine until the charter has been in place for a period of time.

Woman remembers late friend

From: Lannie Cavey


My thoughts were of you and how I miss you as I basked in the healing presence of the sunny ocean waves. Only the joyful noises of my young grandsons, awed by all the sand and the mighty ocean brought me back to the reality that I had lost you from this earthly domain.

Yes, I will continue to miss you, dear neighbor, close friend and "adopted aunt." I felt I could talk to you about anything and will miss chatting with you.

You were a good neighbor to all of us on Grand View Avenue and I hope we were good neighbors to you.

At times you talked as though you felt you had lived beyond your allotted time; however, we were not ready to let you go. But God's will must be done.

I grew so accustomed to saving The Carroll County Sun for you, which you so thoroughly enjoyed, that it's still very difficult for me to dispose of them in any other manner.

Mrs. Cavey wrote this letter in August while on a family vacation after the death of her beloved neighbor, Lillian Berry Brown, at age 91.

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