Former abortionist tells why Maryland law should lose on Nov. 3

September 23, 1992|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Staff Writer

REESE -- Carol Everett said she became involved in the abortion industry "believing I was helping women exercise their right to choose a safe, legal abortion."

But, she told about 35 people in a speech here last night, "The reality is that I was involved in the murder of 35,000 babies and the maiming or death of at least 20 of those mothers."

Sponsored by the Vote kNOw Coalition of Maryland, Ms. Everett has several speaking engagements across the state, in addition to last night's appearance at Clearfield Bible Church. The coalition was formed to defeat SB 162, Maryland's abortion rights law. The law goes to referendum Nov. 3.

The author of "The Scarlet Lady -- Confessions of a Successful Abortionist," Ms. Everett, 47, worked on commission for six years as a patient recruiter at several abortion clinics in Texas. In 1983, the clinics -- where she said she often earned nearly $14,000 a month -- were closed when they were found to be performing abortions on women who were not pregnant.

Ms. Everett left the industry when the clinics were closed, gave away everything that the money she earned there bought, and began focusing on "helping women, not destroying them."

"She has been in the abortion business and offers an insider's view of how the state law will support the abortion industry," said Vince Perticone, county coordinator for the Vote kNOw coalition.

Ms. Everett said that Maryland's law is too comprehensive and opens the door further to the largest unregulated legal industry in the country.

"When the people of Maryland understand how unreasonable this law is, they will defeat it," she said.

Libby Corbin of Taneytown, a volunteer with the Carroll County Crisis Pregnancy Center, said she was present to hear "just what changed" Ms. Everett's mind on the issue.

"I want to hear the impact the law will have on all of us," said Mrs. Corbin.

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