Coming Monday: A New Sun

September 23, 1992

ON MONDAY: The Sun and Evening Sun will introduce newspapers customized throughout for Carroll County readers. We'll be providing more county news than ever -- in addition to the state, national and international news you've come to expect from our newspapers. Here is a detailed look at what to expect:

A NEW LOOK ON PAGE ONE:We've redesigned page one to customize it for Carroll County readers, with color photographs that highlight local news stories inside.

COUNTY EDITORIALS:Monday through Friday, on the editorial page, you'll find added commentary on county issues written by an editorial writer who works exclusively in Carroll.

A NEW LOCAL SECTION:Sunday through Friday, you'll receive a new and greatly expanded local news section that provides reports from the state, the county and your neighborhood. The new section will be called "Carroll County and Maryland." It will bring together news you've come to enjoy in the Maryland section and the Carroll County Sun, with a host of new features customized for your community. The new section will include the top county and state news of the day, as well as new daily neighborhood news reports from every area of the county. In addition, each neighborhood will receive special coverage once a week, including a community news or feature story and a column by a correspondent who lives in the community. Every day, you'll also get a datebook of community events and a package of news focusing on a different subject of interest to county readers. Look for these special features:

* SUNDAY: Letters from county readers, with a column on Carroll County public affairs.

* MONDAY: An education page providing an inside look at schools, as well as lunch menus and education notes.

* TUESDAY: A health package providing information on local health clinics, hospitals and support groups.

* WEDNESDAY: A page devoted to senior citizens, with news of interest to older readers and a calendar of events.

* THURSDAY: A report on the local business scene.

* FRIDAY: A page highlighting diversions for the coming weekend.

In addition, the new local section will provide the same comprehensive coverage of Maryland you expect from The Sun and Evening Sun, including news from the statehouse and the region, the Intrepid Commuter, Tom Horton's "On the Bay" column, the Tuesday "Q&A" and local columnists.

CUSTOMIZED TV LISTINGS: Every weekday in the Today and Accent sections, we'll feature a full page of television listings customized to include the Carroll County cable channels in addition to the networks. This will supplement the Sunday TV book county residents already receive.

NEW SPORTS COVERAGE: Sunday through Friday in the sports section, we'll bring you a full report on the Carroll County sports scene. The report will include game coverage, local sports notes, packages of statistics and schedules of upcoming events. On Saturdays, you'll receive "High School Plus," a new comprehensive report on Friday's sports action from around the region. In addition, look for these special features:

* Don Vitek's bowling column on Sundays.

* Stan Dillon's motor sports column on Sundays.

* Lonny Weaver's outdoors column on Sundays.

* Muphen Whitney's equestrian column on Sundays and Wednesdays.

* A Monday "Q&A" with a local sports figure.

* An athlete-of-the-week feature on Tuesdays.

* A recreation roundup on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

NEW CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING: Sunday through Friday, the classified advertising section will begin with Carroll County classifieds, followed by those from the rest of the region.

In short, we'll be providing newspapers tailored expressly for Carroll County readers. We're confident that you'll like the changes. If you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate to call Carroll County Bureau Chief Peggy Cunningham at 751-7920.

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