Wylde and Tootsie take the Grand Prix Long-striding mare wins $30,000 for quick jump-off

September 23, 1992|By Muphen Whitney | Muphen Whitney,Contributing Writer

After a blazing effort in which Peter Wylde and Tootsie flew around the jump-off course to win the American Cafe Columbia Classic Grand Prix at Howard Community College on Sunday it was time to pick up the prizes.

Wylde, of Medford, Mass., received a check for the winner's share of the $30,000 purse. Tootsie was given a handful of grass.

"Give her a little bite, she deserves it," Wylde requested of Laurie Hudson, who has been Tootsie's groom for the past two years. dTC Tootsie contentedly munched her green stuff while Wylde counted his.

"She always knows what she wants," Hudson said of the 13-year-old Dutchbred mare as Tootsie chowed down. "She'll drag me all over to get at the grass. She's the queen of our barn and she knows it."

As Hudson predicted, Tootsie set off on her victory gallop as though she owned the world. She certainly owned the long and galloping course that had been cannily designed by Canadian Blair Williams.

The course for the first round of the Grand Prix required 14 jumping efforts of the 27 entrants. Only five of these went clean (incurred no jumping or time penalties) to return for the jump-off round against the clock.

"I let the ground ask the questions," Williams said, referring to the undulating hillside at Howard Community College which served as the site for this fifth annual event.

"Last year I didn't take as much notice of how much the ground would affect the results."

In the jump-off (tie-breaking) round the course was shortened to eight fences. The distance was 315 meters and negotiating the course required making several crucial turns that could be costly in terms of time.

Locked and Loaded, Delaware rider Laurie JakuBauskas in the saddle, were the first to go and put in a relaxed and deliberate effort to finish with no jumping faults and a time of 49.502 seconds.

Frederick rider Lynne Little attacked the course aboard Isis. Even with the wide turns they made they posted a clean round in a time of 44.330.

British Olympic team rider Tim Grubb guided the Dutchbred gelding Ever through a clean round, riding deliberately and making tight turns. Their good gallop between the last two fences stopped the clock at 42.071.

Speed caught up with the next horse and rider, Talisman de Boheme and Maryann Steiert of Southern Pines, S.C., who incurred four faults for a knock-down.

Wylde and his mare were the last to go, not their favorite position. The pressure was on. They had to jump perfectly and very, very fast to beat Grubb's time.

The big, long-striding mare covered the ground and the eight jumps quickly and accurately. All the fences were left standing as she blazed through the timer in 41.032 seconds.

L "We are so comfortable together now," Wylde said of Tootsie.

"She has learned to believe in me. When I know she can do it she knows she can, too. And she always tries her heart out."

Another mare, Lynx, jumped her way to victory in the $5,000 Merrill Lynch Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic, which preceded the Grand Prix.

Lynx and rider Sherri Jamison of Lahaska, Pa., posted the jump-off's only clean round in a time of 36.132 to prevail over four others who advanced from the first round.

"She can be a wild woman," Jamison said of the 11-year-old Lynx, "but she was absolutely wonderful today. Next year I'm moving her up to the Grand Prix, but right now we're having fun in the Amateur Division."

Results $30,000 American Cafe Columbia Classic Grand Prix

1. Peter Wylde, Tootsie, 0 faults, 41.032.

2. Tim Grubb, Ever, 0 faults, 42.071.

3. Lynne C. Little, Isis, 0 faults, 44.330.

4. Laurie JakuBauskas, Locked and Loaded, 0 faults, 49.052.

5. Maryann Steiert, Talisman de Boheme, 4 faults, 42.292.

( $5,000 Merrill Lynch Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic

1. Sherri Jamison, Lynx, 0 faults, 36.132.

2. Kim Wickenden, Moorwatha, 4 faults, 35.969.

3. Martha Jolicoeur, Brother Regis, 4 faults, 36.244.

4. Martha Jolicoeur, Island Life, 8 faults, 35.522.

5. Yolanda Garcia Cereceda, Victor, 8 faults, 39.432.

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