Youths apparently overpower supervisors and flee into woods


one is returned

September 22, 1992|By Richard Irwin and Joe Nawrozki | Richard Irwin and Joe Nawrozki,Staff Writer

Ten teen-age residents of the Charles H. Hickey Jr. School at Cub Hill in Baltimore County escaped just after midnight today after overpowering two live-in youth supervisors.

Tim Neidermeyer, director of operations at Hickey, said a parent of one of the escaped youths called the school today and reported her son was at home. That youth was returned to the school.

"We have filed assault charges against the two students who attacked the staff members and escape charges against the others," Mr. Neidermeyer said.

Today's escape was the second of such size in about two weeks from the school, which is privately run for the state. On Sept. 8, 11 youths escaped. All but one of those escapees has been recaptured.

State Trooper Charles Hill at the Golden Ring barracks said none of the escapees was believed armed. Their ages range between 15 and 17.

Trooper Hill said the two youth supervisors in Unit 3 were preparing for bed about midnight when they were jumped by two of the escapees and knocked to the floor. They were then shoved into their room and the door locked behind them.

The youths ran out of the building, which is not surrounded by a fence, and apparently headed into the woods that surrounds the facility.

Baltimore County police, city police and Harford County authorities also joined the search.

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