Piney Branch pro's wife likes golf but is no expert


September 20, 1992|By George Taylor

The life of a golf professional's wife is not always to be envied.

L It has its good and its bad times. Jana Zachman should know.

Not only is she the wife of Piney Branch head professional Jeff Zachman, but also she is the manager of the club's golf shop.

"That's about as close as anyone can get to the heart of a club's golf scene," she said.

The prime problem Jana has is responding to those who for some illogical reason expect that the pro's wife will be a par-buster herself.

The fact that she was a tennis player until introduced to golf just three years ago does nothing to dull her image as a stellar-playing wife of the club pro.

While she now has become an ardent golfer, she plans no campaign toward becoming club champion.

"My all-time goal is to play well enough to establish a handicap of 18," she said. "That means a lot of practice coming up since I'm now struggling with a 27 handicap. My best score so far is 97. Since getting into golf I've played in both the 9- and 18-hole women's groups.

"When I started playing at Piney Branch, I don't know who was the most nervous -- the members or me," she said. "In my first tournament I was terrified at how I would play in front of the others. And they were just as fearful of displaying their talents in front of the pro's wife.

"However, after we all shared equal quotas of five-putt greens and shanked shots, the pressure dissipated."

She's done well, however, in tournament play.

"So far, I've been lucky enough to have winning partners in a couple of club team tournaments," she said. "I was partnered with Debbie Stricker in winning the Silver Anniversary test. Another time I won a mixed two-ball with Carroll Gailey as my partner."

But don't expect her to turn to the club golf pro for much advice.

for taking lessons from Jeff, it's a strain for both of us because we try too hard to please each other," she said. "Then, too, in the case where unpaid and unscheduled lessons are involved, time has a way of running out before they take place."

Her marriage to Jeff three years ago caused a major career change. Jana held a managerial position with the Herman's Sporting Goods chain. She was in charge of Herman's stores in the Midwest.

"Of course, because of the nature of my job with Herman's I dealt with a lot of golf equipment," she said. "Little did I know how involved I would become with the game.

"At the sports stores I had the tools, but not the mechanics of golf," she said. "At Piney Branch I still have the tools and, at least, the opportunity to learn the mechanics."

Both Zachmans are natives of Ohio. Jeff came to Piney Branch after serving several years as assistant professional to Bill Strausbaugh at Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase.

Twin aces were scored at the Bear Creek course this week.

Barry Streett holed his tee shot on the 130-yard eighth hole. Lee Miller scored a hole-in-one on the 165-yard 14th.

The three-man, better ball senior tournament was won by Carroll Hall, Roy Braley and Jim Glover, carding a net 60.

Bob Mitchell took individual low net with 35 and Bill Welch posted 37 to win low gross in the twilight league.

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