A different perspective on bumper stickerThe following...


September 20, 1992

A different perspective on bumper sticker

The following letter is a reply to Jeff Griffith's opinion column, "The Way It Is."

From: Jo Anne Kreider


While your column of Sept. 6, 1992, was correct in discussing how unloving some of our bumper stickers have become, I must strongly challenge your interpretation of "I'm glad Mary and Joseph were not pro-choice."

I= I am still baffled and cannot understand how on earth you

could conclude that a woman-bashing, unloving person was riding in the car which sported that sticker.

Because I also have that sticker on my car and have given several away to friends.

I would be quite grateful for the opportunity to put forth a quite different interpretation.

If you would complete the entire thought that the bumper sticker presents, it would read: "I'm glad Mary and Joseph were not pro-choice, because if they were, we would not have had Jesus."

Where is there hate in that statement? A strong stand against

abortion? You bet it is!

But it is done by proclaiming thanks for the greatest example of love ever known by mankind, and his name is Jesus.

A love so great that, yes, He does love the Hitlers and the Mansons of this world, in spite of their awful sins.

And in trying to find the loving solution to the terrible, terrible option of abortion, it is my prayer that clear-thinking people from both sides of this issue will stop screaming hateful words at one another from both sides of a picket line and come together to seek common ground.

Let's pool our energies toward finding solutions besides abortion to very real human circumstances.

I must also take issue with your comment about Joseph. He most certainly was not "out of the loop." He had a decision and a choice: He could have walked away. He could have walked away from a pregnant girl whose child was not even his, but he didn't.

His obedience to God and his trust in God was blessed, as Joseph and his wife and unborn child were under God's direction and protection. Joseph was an obedient servant to God's plan.

And Mary most certainly also had a choice in being obedient. She could have told Gabriel, "No way," but she did not. This poor, pregnant teen-age girl said yes to God and yes to life, and because of her choice, our world has never been the same since.

I hope this explanation has given you another avenue of interpretation to ponder, Jeff. We live in a difficult world where there is too much suffering and hateful rhetoric just fans those flames.

We are right to confront it when we can. But we don't need to look for it where it does not exist.

I thank you for the opportunity to present the other perspective.

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