Nugent paces Striders to victory over Montgomery Road Runners

September 20, 1992

The Howard County Striders ended a four-year drought recently when they defeated the Montgomery County Road Runners 408 to 430, with the lowest score winning, in the annual Cross-Country Challenge Race between the two clubs.

Chris Nugent led the Striders as he out-sprinted Montgomery's Dominique DaLuz to win the seven-mile event with a time of 38:29, two seconds ahead of his rival. A member of both clubs, Nugent was persuaded at the last minute to run for Howard County by Striders' president Paul Goldenberg.

The final confrontation came about after Nugent, fearing he would make a wrong turn, stopped at a fork in the road and waited to check course directions with DaLuz.

On the women's side of the race, Heide Splete was the first Howard County finisher, placing 46th with a time of 52:47.

The race was run in Patuxent River State Park, which challenged runners with some very steep hills.

Striders competing in the race: Chris Nugent, 38:29; Gerry Clapper, 39:29; Craig Chasse, 39:49; Mike Buckley, 40:05; Dave Brightwell, 40:53; Jim Carbary, 41:43; Bobby Gessler, 42:45; Bobby VanAllen, no time recorded; Jim Discuillo, 43:29; Randy Wykoff, 44:52; Steve Klose, 45:37; Jerry Warfield, 46:14; Ray Ramey, 46:28; Tom Brown, 46:59; Rick Rosen, 47:15; Geoff Baker, 47:49; Wayne Conway, 49:12; Ed Trottier, 50:03; Heide Splete, 52:47; Larry Roberts, no time recorded; Todd Kane, 53:38; Allan Held, no time recorded; Rick Hatfield, 54:22; Karen Mays, 56:26; and Paul Goldenberg, 59:52.

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