Woman sues husband's ex-wife charging telephone harassment

September 20, 1992|By Alan J. Craver | Alan J. Craver,Staff Writer

An Ellicott City woman is suing her husband's ex-wife for $450,000, claiming she received numerous harassing telephone calls from the woman during the past three years.

Mary L. Hauck-Hall also is asking that the court block the ex-wife from calling her and husband, John Hall, at their home.

The suit was filed Sept. 10 in Howard County Circuit Court against Betty L. Hall, of Rockville.

Ms. Hall denies making any harassing calls.

But Mrs. Hauck-Hall claims in the suit that Ms. Hall invaded her privacy by making repeated telephone calls.

"The conduct by the defendant was extreme and outrageous, and beyond the bounds of decency in society," the plaintiff said in the suit.

Mrs. Hauck-Hall is asking the court to schedule a jury trial for the case. A hearing has not been set.

The suit contends that Ms. Hall has made numerous telephone calls, including "hang-up calls" in the middle of the night since 1989, but does not specify how many times she allegedly called the couple. Without a court order, Mrs. Hauck-Hall fears the calls will continue, according to the suit.

The defendant ignored repeated requests to stop the calls, "all of which were severely disturbing to the plaintiff," the suit says.

The calls prompted Mrs. Hauck-Hall to seek medical treatment for emotional distress, the suit says.

Mrs. Hauck-Hall is asking the court to order Ms. Hall to pay for her medical treatment, in addition to the damages. The suit does not indicate the cost of the medical treatment.

But Ms. Hall contends that she did not make harassing phone calls to Mrs. Hauck-Hall or her ex-husband.

"There was no harassment at all," she said.

Ms. Hall said she called her ex-husband several times to discuss family matters, including an injury to their son, a volunteer firefighter in Bethesda.

And Ms. Hall said that she had called the household twice and then hung up.

John and Betty Hall divorced in March after 32 years of marriage, Ms. Hall said.

The plaintiff said she decided against filing a complaint with police because she did not want to give Ms. Hall a criminal record.

"But I felt [the calls] just had to stop," Ms. Hauck-Hall said.

Filing a civil suit, she said, is the only way I could get her to measure up."

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