Impressive Images

September 20, 1992

The "magic" of instant photography was never lost on Sallie Kravetz.

Over the years, she has remained fascinated with the artistic potential of the film that develops before your eyes. She first experimented with Polaroid SX-70 photographs in 1978 and returned to that medium this year, drawn to "the unexpectedness of it, the surprise of it."

To achieve painterly effects, Ms. Kravetz manipulates the emulsion, freezing and heating the photographs, scratching them with a stylus, coaxing their transformation. With a nod to impressionist painters, she strives to capture Baltimore's moods and rhythms with her images.

"Black and white photography is like classical music. This is jazz," she says.

Her works will be on view at Katzenstein Gallery at Scarlet Place, Pratt and President streets, Oct. 3-Nov. 3, Mondays through Fridays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m; call 727-0748.

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