9-year-old boy arrested in stalking of classmate

September 19, 1992|By JoAnna Daemmrich | JoAnna Daemmrich,Staff Writer

At first, it seemed like a crush. But over the next two years, police say, he harassed her by calling her names, stalking her with a martial arts weapon and drawing a crude picture of her being stabbed.

She is 8 years old. He is 9 and has been arrested as a juvenile and charged with harassment.

It started with a dispute over crayons when he was 7. Annapolis police and the mother of the girl he has been bothering say the harassment increased until he left the stabbing note in her yard last Saturday.

"It was so graphic that it disturbed me," said the mother, an insurance agent. "There were a bunch of four-letter words, and there were some berries squeezed to make blood on the page."

She called the police Monday. They investigated and arrested the boy at his home this week on a juvenile citation. The case was turned over to the county Juvenile Services Agency. The names of the boy and the girl were not released because of their ages.

The principal of the elementary school in Annapolis that both children attend declined to comment, citing a federal law that protects students' privacy rights.

The boy's parents told investigators that the girl had egged him on, according to the police report. The girl's mother said she had instructed her daughter to avoid the boy since the problems began in first grade.

According to the mother, her daughter came home from school one day crying because a classmate had called her names after she tried to return a crayon that he had dropped on the floor.

"It was really eerie," she said. "The behavior, to me, was stalking."

In the next year, his behavior became more unsettling as he followed the girl around and stared at her in class and during school functions, investigators said.

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