'The Edge' is fast, but not very funny

September 19, 1992|By David Zurawik | David Zurawik,Television Critic

There's an old show biz maxim that goes, "If you can't be good, be fast."

"The Edge" is very fast.

The new comedy-sketch show from Fox that premieres at 9:30 tonight on WBFF (Channel 45), wants to be the next "In Living Color."

The road to silly is paved with wannabes.

"The Edge" has The Look. It's all short segments and quick cuts -- color and movement and speed.

The MTV look is done so well that it almost seems to be homemade or, maybe, student-made. It's very much a show in which a teen or even preteen might say, "Hey, if I had some computer-generated graphics and Dad's minicam, I could do that."

The problem is that there's not much else happening in "The Edge" beyond technology and style.

It's not very clever or funny. And, unlike "In Living Color," which uses race, gender and social class differences as raw material for its stinging satire, "The Edge" has references to nothing but movies and other TV shows.

The pilot's best moments involve a huge Delta Burke impersonator eating the set of "Designing Women." The would-be Delta is King-Kong-like, bigger than the set, which is not -- at least at press time -- yet true.

'The Edge'

When: Tonight at 9:30.

Where: WBFF (Channel 45)

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