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September 17, 1992

Getting our 'protection's worth'

In response to the question posed by Anne Bowen (Forum, Sept. 9,), yes ma'am, you are receiving your "protection's worth" from your Baltimore County Police Department.

Police officers are in your schools teaching children to be drug- and alcohol-resistant.

They are in your communities teaching crime prevention.

They are on the roads stopping drunk drivers.

They are undercover, infiltrating drug rings.

They are on patrol keeping your neighborhood safe.

They are a phone call away in a time of crisis.

How are your Baltimore County police officers rewarded for their efforts?

They have not had a pay raise in over two years. Last year, they were furloughed five days, resulting in a 3 percent decrease in pay.

On top of this, their insurance and pension contributions were raised, further lowering their net pay.

As of Feb. 1, 1992, there were over 100 vacancies in the Baltimore County Police Department, which remain unfilled today. As a result, the remaining officers must work harder in responding to the increase in the crime rate.

Baltimore County police officers put their lives on the line for you every day, 24 hours a day. Recently, an officer was shot while sitting in his patrol car for no apparent reason.

Most officers work alternating shifts, a lifestyle which is scientifically proven to interfere with physical well-being, and which certainly interferes with family life.

Every aspect of a police officer's personal and professional conduct is subject to departmental scrutiny.

In spite of difficult conditions, our Baltimore County police officers continue fulfilling their duty to enforce the law.

Yes, we are getting our "protection's worth." The brave men and women of the Baltimore County Police Department deserve our sincerest gratitude and respect.

Mary M. Kramer


Bush and Truman compared

First we had George Bush claiming to be the heir to Harry S Truman; now we have his apologist, William T. Zeigler of Annapolis, comparing him to "one of the century's greatest statesmen," Winston Churchill (Forum, Sept. 9). Will there be no end to these delusions?

I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone living on the same planet on for the past 12 years can look upon the American presidency with pride.

Eight years of Ronald Reagan and four of Mr. Bush have seen nothing but the promotion of a philosophy that has torn down the fabric of the U.S. economy, eliminated millions of jobs, turned industry away from planning for the future to grabbing what it can by selling assets to the highest bidder, destroyed the banking system and rewarded the thieves who carried it out through tax reductions and the infamous savings and loan bailout.

This administration has allowed the infrastructure to crumble, forced states and municipalities to bankrupt themselves in order to maintain a semblance of necessary services, overwhelmed the police and courts with its so-called "war on drugs" and destroyed what was once the most respected judicial system in history by filling federal vacancies with right-wing ideologues or others of unknown qualifications.

Mr. Reagan and Mr. Bush have risked our nation's military respectability and taken the lives of countless people in wars of dubious merit and in support of specious causes.

They have supported dictators, illegally promoted revolutions in non-enemy nations, pandered to the satraps of oil-rich nations and looked the other way when freedom-loving people begged for our support.

Rather than oversee the fall of communism in Europe, they were caught totally unprepared for this remarkable turn of events, did nothing to bring it about and have done nothing to assist the re-emerging nations of Eastern European gain stability.

Our nation's problems are not only economic, and no one that I know of is looking to "reward" the Democrats for denying Mr. Bush "the support he sought when the world was clamoring for his leadership."

George Bush will never go down in history with the likes of Harry S Truman, let alone Winston Churchill, and by no stretch of the imagination will he ever be called a great world leader.

George Bush has done nothing positive and does not deserve our gratitude for anything.

I look forward to his early retirement in January for whatever reasons the American people choose to apply.

Thomas E. Davies Jr.



Can't our president stand on his own? Must he always bcompared to some great figure of the past, thus implying that he has the qualities of that person?

George Bush compares himself to Harry Truman, which I believe is a great disservice to President Truman.

Mr. Zeigler (Forum, Sept. 9) compares Mr. Bush to Winston Churchill and wants us to feel pity for the president because of how the British voted Churchill out of office after World War II.

Though Mr. Bush does deserve credit for the present peace, he didn't negotiate or cause the fall of the Soviet Union, which fell on its own while Mr. Bush was president.

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