Bell to offer mobile call forwarding

September 17, 1992|By Leslie Cauley | Leslie Cauley,Staff Writer

WASHINGTON -- You can run but you cannot hide -- from your phone calls, that is.

Next Thursday, Bell Atlantic Corp. plans to introduce a call forwarding service -- ContactLine -- for its mobile phone customers in Baltimore and Washington that takes the concept of one-person, one-number dialing to the limit.

The service integrates wireless communications, such as cellular and paging, with standard land-based technology. Customers instruct the ContactLine computer where to send calls by keying in codes on a telephone keypad.

"ContactLine will help make life more manageable, more productive and maybe more fun for people who need to be in touch," said Robert Johnson, regional vice president of Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems.

Bell Atlantic will be selling four versions of the service:

* Basic service offers call forwarding.

* A call screening service will give ContactLine customers several ways to remotely screen calls. Customers can choose to take calls or have the system take a message.

* A third service for people with pagers lets ContactLine customers take calls at any nearby phone, allowing customers to directly patch through callers. If they choose not to do that, customers can have the system take a message.

* The fourth service allows multiple users at a home or business to share a single cellular phone. Each user has his or her own personal number, so they don't get calls for someone else when using the phone.

Basic ContactLine will sell for $9.95 a month. Two or more services -- or all four -- $17.95.

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