9-month drug probe yields guilty plea

September 16, 1992

A Glen Burnie man faces a sentence of 10 years without parole after pleading guilty yesterday in county Circuit Court to drug charges that were brought after a nine-month investigation.

Craig D. Hebron, 32, of the 8000 block of Green Orchard Road pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute cocaine stemming from his June 1991 arrest. Warren Davis, assistant state's attorney, said that county police officers working undercover purchased $124,300 worth of cocaine from Hebron in the nine months before he was arrested.

The arrest occurred after Hebron sold 8 ounces of cocaine to an undercover police officer along Crain Highway near Roosevelt Avenue. The next day police found $4,400 in cash, a semi-automatic handgun and 800 grams of cocaine in his apartment.

As part of the plea agreement, charges that Hebron was a major dealer under the state's drug kingpin law were dropped yesterday. Conviction under the kingpin law means a mandatory 20-year sentence, Mr. Davis said. To prove that charge, he said, he would have needed evidence proving that Hebron was an organizer, distributor and major dealer.

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