15 beers leave the sellers on shaky ground

September 16, 1992|By Larry Carson | Larry Carson,Staff Writer

Robert Bellew, a 19-year-old Baltimore County police cadet, could have gotten roaring drunk on the 15 beers he bought at five county bars and restaurants Aug. 3.

In fact, he didn't even take the two six-packs and three singles with him. He just paid for them and walked out, leaving two accompanying county vice detectives to inform the employees that they were in trouble. They'd sold Cadet Bellew the beers without asking for any identification.

One employee at Compass Liquors in the 100 block of Beacon Road in Rossville, even called after the cadet, saying: "You forgot your beer!" according to a police report.

On Monday, the county liquor board suspended the license of Compass' owners, Morton Greenberg and Martha Lynn Kitt, for one day, then suspended the suspension. The board noted the owners' long record of trouble-free operation, said presiding member Philip R. Leyhe Jr.

Owners of two of the other establishments Cadet Bellew visited -- Jordan's Place in the 6900 block of Fait Ave. and the Colonial Village Pharmacy in the 7000 block of Reisterstown Road -- didn't fare as well. They were fined $250 each.

The board did not fine the owners of Mr. B's Lounge in the 1800 block of Eastern Blvd. because of their clean record in more than 30 years of operation, said Mr. Leyhe. Their liquor license was suspended for one day, but the penalty was suspended.

A two-day suspension, which was later suspended, was imposed on the licensees of the Suburban House Restaurant in the 900 block of Reisterstown Road in Pikesville.

In that case, testimony showed, Cadet Bellew ordered a beer from a 16-year-old waitress, who asked if he had identification. He said he did not. When she asked how old he was, he said: Twenty-two." She then had an older employee serve the beer. Board rules prohibit restaurants that serve liquor from employing underage waitresses. No penalty was imposed for that violation, Mr. Leyhe said.

The suspended penalties will automatically be imposed if any of the establishments are found guilty of violating board rules again within one year.

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