Family's suit claims gas fouled their well

September 16, 1992

A Severna Park service station is being sued for $6 million by a family that claims gasoline or fumes seeped into their well and caused them permanent injury.

Gregory Braun Sr. and five members of his family filed the suit against the Severna Park Shell Corp. on Friday in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court.

The family claims that during the 14 years they lived in Severna Park, gas or fumes from underground pipes contaminated their water.

They charge that unsafe levels of lead and other substances from the pipes caused them permanent injuries and mental anguish.

The gas station's negligence forced Mr. Braun and Lillian Braun to stay out of work, losing wages and eventually diminishing their earning capacity, the suit said.

The gas station owner, Gordon Mann, did not return a reporter's phone calls.

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