Quick, the Hook!


September 16, 1992|By RICK HOROWITZ

''I went along with one Democratic tax increase, and I'm not going to do it again -- ever, ever!''

George Bush, on a Wednesday.

''It wasn't a pledge, no. He was saying, as he's said before, that he wouldn't make that mistake again.''

Marlin Fitzwater, the very next morning.

''Is that a pledge or is it not?''

David Brinkley to Dan Quayle, on Sunday.

''You can define it any way you want to.''

Dan Quayle to David Brinkley.

(Curtain rises on the president and a group of children, sitting in a bedroom. The president seems to be . . . wearing green tights! Music up, and . . . )

I know a place where vows dissolve

Like scribbles in the sand,

I've gotten burned before,

So I won't tax anymore

Ever Ever Land.

I might have told them, ''Read my


It might have sounded canned,

But it worked for me then,

And it just might work again:

Ever Ever Land.

I hope those undecideds tune in,

Hear how I'm standing tough,

It's not nearly Peggy Noonan,

But I think it could be enough.

And that's the way I plot my course,

It's bold instead of bland,

I'm standing on the edge,

So I can't afford to hedge,

Not ever -- in Ever Ever Land.

(We take an instrumental break,

You're free to hum along,

A tune you know so well,

It begins to cast its spell:

Ever Ever Land.)

(You wonder how he keeps it up,

He's dancing with the band,

He wants that golden ring,

Now he's getting set to sing

Ever Ever Land . . . )

I want the voters to remember,

One of us has the knack,

Just find me some way past

November --

I can take my promises back.

And that's the way I play the game,

I'm sure you understand,

I've made enough mistakes,

I'll do anything it takes,


For Ever . . . Ever . . . Land!

Rick Horowitz is a syndicated columnist.

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