Planned golf course would be an intrusionFrom: Edwin R...


September 16, 1992

Planned golf course would be an intrusion

From: Edwin R. Strakna


In reference to the article on the misnamed "Fairway Hills" golf course (Howard County Sun, Sept. 6, 1992), it should be noted that only part of that planned golf course will be in Fairway Hills. Much of it will directly abut the backyards of homes in the Running Brook neighborhood. Those of us who will be subjected to the hazard of flying golf balls and the presence of strangers in and about their backyards feel this is an intrusion into our lives. .

. . Please be aware also that this project was sneaked in behind Running Brook residents backs, without any prior consultation. Last year we were notified with an obfuscatory letter to the effect that money had been committed to what appeared to be a fait accompli thrust upon us from above.

Twenty years ago, when we bought our home, my wife and I, and many of our neighbors also, were led to believe that we were located against open space, and that in Columbia, open space is "sacrosanct." Little did we know that we will be paying for something that will ruin our neighborhood and our lives. . . .

There are many other reasons why this course should not be built: the environmental damage, the CA's increasing debt burden, and the curtailment of badly needed services for seniors and others in Columbia. Instead, a group of vociferous and influential players is being granted special favors, and the rights of residents are being trampled on for their pleasure.

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