Equestrian Council's booth tells all about the horse, of course


September 16, 1992|By Muphen R. Whitney

County residents and visitors were able to learn everything they always wanted to know about the area's horses at last week's LeisureExpo at the Cranberry Mall in Westminster.

"Most of the people so far have wanted information on riding lessons, especially lessons for kids," said volunteer Carolyn Garber of Taylorsville as she manned the Carroll County Equestrian Council's booth.

Ms. Garber referred those looking for lessons to several area stables and to the Winfield Recreation Council's horseback-riding program.

She also dispensed information on the county trail system and on the equestrian council's new horse show facility at the Gillis Falls Watershed.

A video machine played tapes taken of rides on the county's extensive equestrian trails.

"We now have maps of the trails at Piney Run Park, Union Mills and Gillis Falls," Ms. Garber explained.

Then she turned the pages of the big scrapbook that volunteers maintain to the pages showing the development of the new show facility.

"You can see the progress that we've made. The rough grading is all done. Now we just need the money to do the final grading and to put down the base and footing."

Ms. Garber and other council volunteers have been busy making presentations to the county's various horse groups seeking donations for completing the facility.

Trail Riders of Today, the first equestrian group to respond, recently made a $200 contribution.

The council also is selling $1 tickets to raffle off an Australian stock saddle complete with all fittings, valued at $1,000 and donated by Carroll County Tack.

The raffle will be at 2 p.m. Sept. 26 at the Gillis Falls Reservoir site on Grimville Road in Mount Airy.

Tickets are available at Carroll County Tack on Old Gamber Road or from council President Sonny Biddison at 833-4593.

"People can also look for us in the FallFest Parade in

Westminster on Sept. 24," Ms. Garber said. "We all will have tickets available."

Another new council activity this year will be monthly educational seminars.

The first of these will be at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 21 at the County Extension Meeting Rooms at the Ag Center.

The subject will equine health care, presented by veterinarian Nicholas Herring.

"We hope to spark an interest in the general public and the equestrian community," said Ms. Garber.

"We want to let people know that this information is available here in Carroll County on a regular basis. These seminars won't ** require a lot of time commitment and should provide valuable information."

When her hour at the booth was up, Ms. Garber turned over the reins to Angie and Sharon Biddison.

They took charge of the video machine, the various handouts and the charts showing the points of the horse, basic bits, common areas of injuries and lameness, the different breeds of horses, the horse's skeletal structure, and the muscle system of the galloping horse.

During the weekend the following additional volunteers did duty at the council's booth: Janet Breeding, Denise Duvall, Mary Ellen Crown, Hank Shirley, Bonnie Owens, Lisa Stanton, Judy Taylor, Sonny Biddison, Harry Desmond, Beth Walsh, Ann Sears and Fran Flohr.

Volunteers at the Winfield Recreation Council's booth provided information on their horseback riding program, which runs for six weeks beginning Sept. 26 and 27. The program is at the Holniker Farm in Eldersburg and costs $70 for six two-hour lessons. The program accommodates people from age 6 through adults. For more information call 795-3600.


The trails at Union Mills and Gillis Falls are part of a multi-use system and are closed on certain days from Sept. 1 through Feb. 28 to accommodate hunters. The trails at Union Mills are closed Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Gillis Falls trails are closed Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Both trail systems will be closed for the entire period from Nov. 28 through Dec. 12.

The Piney Run trails are open seven days a week.

All three trail systems are mapped.

Maps are available from the Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks, 857-2103.

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