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September 16, 1992

WESTMINSTER — HSP distribution of surplus food slated

Human Services Programs of Carroll County will distribute surplus food commodities to eligible county households 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Sept. 21-24 on the ground level of the Department of Social Services Building, 10 Distillery Drive.

Food items to be distributed are applesauce, butter, corn, cornmeal, flour, peanut butter, pork and tomatoes.

To receive foods, a household must register, live in Carroll County and bring identification (food stamps, medical assistance, public assistance or energy assistance letter for 1991-1992).

Households also must meet income guidelines and present written verification of the household's gross income (before deductions) in a letter from Social Security or pay stubs.

The income scale for households by size and monthly gross income is:

* 1 person, $828.

* 2 people, $1,110.

* 3 people, $1,393.

* 4 people, $1,675.

* 5 people, $1,958.

* 6 people, $2,240.

* 7 people, $2,522.

* 8 people, $2,804.

For each additional person, add $282.

Eligible households may send information with a representative to register and pick up foods.

& Information: 857-2999.

'Miss Utility' calls now free of charge


The Carroll County Bureau of Utilities no longer will charge for local "Miss Utility" calls.

The charge was established in October 1991 to cover the expense involved with county utility workers responding to requests to mark locations of underground water and sewer lines in the county.

The state "Miss Utility" program will continue to operate and county staff will respond to calls, but the cost for the service has been incorporated into county utility rates.

The "Miss Utility" program provides a central number for developers, contractors, tree workers and residents to call prior to underground excavation.

& Information: 857-2164.

Yard waste accepted at landfills for free


Residential yard waste will be accepted at both county landfills free of charge, effective immediately.

County residents may bring residential yard waste into county ,, landfills, including: grass clippings, leaves and sticks and branches less than two inches in diameter and no more than four feet long.

The landfill fee will be charged for residential waste brought to the landfill.

Commercial vehicles will pay the customary charge for all waste brought to the landfill.

& Information: 857-2035.

Sick leave bank OK'd for school employees


The Carroll Board of Education has approved a sick leave bank for employees who wish to voluntarily participate. The unanimous vote came at their regular meeting last week.

To qualify, employees may contribute two of their unused sick days each year to a pool. They would then be able to draw "grants" from the bank of of up to 20 days if they get an illness that causes them to exhaust their own sick leave.

Backhoe, other bids awarded by schools

The Carroll Board of Education has awarded a $31,609 bid to Security Ford for a loader and backhoe.

The equipment would be used primarily to remove underground fuel tanks, said Vernon Smith, director of school support services.

If the schools were to pay another firm to remove the tanks, it would cost about $30,000 per tank, Mr. Smith said.

Among other bids awarded were:

* $79,983 to Stambaugh's Inc. for improvements to Route 140 and Mayberry Road for Runnymede Elementary School.

* $71,275 to Unisys Corp. for computer system expansion at the Carroll County Career and Technology Center.

County takes bids for 30 computers

The Carroll County government accepted bids Thursday for the purchase of desktop and laptop personal computers. The county is looking to buy 24 desktop and about six laptop models during fiscal year 1992.

Thirteen companies reponded to the county's bid requests for the desktop PCs, with the apparent lowest bid coming from Hanover Computers, a Pennsylvania company that said it could meet the county's specifications for about $1,229 per computer.

The county expects to spend $1,500 to $1,600 on each machine, said Tom Van de Bussche, chief of the bureau of management information services.

The request for the laptop computers brought bids from 10 companies. The apparent lowest bidder was Dell Computer, at $1,525 per unit.

Tom Crum, chief of the county Purchasing Department, said he expects to recommend one of the bid packages to the county commissioners in about two weeks.

WMC awarded grant for abuse programs


Western Maryland College has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to promote the college's ongoing alcohol and drug education programs.

No total for the grant has been announced, but it is expected to be less than $1,000. This is the first time WMC has received such an award.

It will be used primarily during Alcohol and Drug Education Week Oct.19-23. A second education week is scheduled for the spring semester.

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