Ruptured oil tank causes 40-gallon spillMore than 40...


September 16, 1992

WESTMINSTER — Ruptured oil tank causes 40-gallon spill

More than 40 gallons of heating oil spilled yesterday from a recently filled, 275-gallon tank in the basement of a house on Marshall Drive in Sullivan Heights.

Westminster and Reese firefighters captured another 100 gallons that was flowing from a seam of the ruptured tank.

A cleanup company, Clean America, pumped about 135 gallons from the damaged tank into a reserve tank so that a replacement could be installed.

Fire officials, who were at the scene for more than two hours, assisted in the cleanup and notified the Health Department and Building Permits Department before returning to their stations.

Silo fire destroys tons of cattle feed on farm

Some 20 tons of cattle feed were destroyed Monday in a grain silo fire on a farm in the 3500 block of Old Falls Road.

The Mount Airy and Winfield fire companies, aided by two companies in Frederick County, reponded to the call shortly after 9:37 a.m. They remained on the scene for more than four hours.

"We took the slow and easy approach and it worked for us," said Doug Alexander, incident commander for Mount Airy at the fire. "There were about 20 firefighters on the scene."

No injuries and minimal damages were reported during the blaze, which apparently was started by the spontaneous heating of the feed, said Mr. Alexander.

The only damage was to a silo door, which firefighters had to break through to gain entry.

Sept. 10:

* 9:56 p.m.: Winfield was aided by Lisbon of Howard County for an alarm on Woodbine Road. They were out for 20 minutes.

* 10:26 p.m.: Westminster was called to the scene of an automobile fire on Charles Street. They were out for just over half an hour.

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