County says used-car lot crowds road Zoning inspector to file complaint

September 15, 1992|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,Staff Writer

The county intends to take the owners of a used car lot on the Crofton-Gambrills line to court because they are parking cars too close to the road, a zoning inspector said.

Sheri Harris, an inspector with the Office of Planning and Zoning, said she was drafting a complaint to send to the county attorney's office.

She said a hearing with the owners of Threesome Auto Center on Defense Highway in November did not solve the problem.

"For a while the owner was OK," Ms. Harris said, adding that problems started again in April.

But one of the owners of the auto sales shop, located just east of the Davidsonville Road intersection, said Friday that the business is in compliance with county regulations.

Nancy Jelich said customers park their cars close to Defense Highway because there are no signs there warning them not to do it. She said the county was supposed to put no-parking signs along the road.

"They told us we had to keep our cars back 10 feet," she said. "We keep our cars back 10 feet."

Ms. Harris said it doesn't matter if the cars parked along the road belong to customers. "The owners still have to provide parking for them," she said.

The zoning inspector also said she advised the lot owners that no-parking signs have to come from the state, since Defense Highway is a state road.

Crofton Town Manager Jordan L. Harding said his discussions with the owners have gone nowhere.

Both Mr. Harding and Ms. Harris said cars parked too close to the road create traffic hazards, especially near an intersection with a history of frequent accidents. Crofton has asked the State Highway Administration to make the intersection safer.

"What is Crofton's stinking problem?" Ms. Jelich said. "We're in Gambrills. They have no say in what we do. 'They' is one person who doesn't have anything else to do."

Ms. Jelich said her mailing address is Gambrills; the phone book lists the company in Crofton.

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