Millersville landfill use restricted to Sundays during construction

September 15, 1992

A story about construction at the Millersville Landfill carried a erroneous headline. Residents are being urged to use the landfill on Sundays only to avoid construction traffic. But the county is not restricting use. The landfill will remain open Monday-Saturday.

County officials are asking residents to use the Millersville Landfill on Sundays only from now until October because of increased truck traffic during the week.

Work has started on a new double-lined trash cell and as a result, officials anticipate several hundred trucks will be entering and leaving the landfill daily.


"It will be more convenient for people to come on Sunday so they don't have to wait in line with all these trucks," said Lisa Ritter, a customer relations specialist for the county Department of Utilities.

In October, a new entrance will be completed to divert construction traffic, county officials said.

Residents may use either the Sudley Landfill or the Glen Burnie Convenience Center during the rest of the week.

The landfill in Sudley is on Nutwell-Sudley Road and is open Monday through Saturday. The convenience center is on Dover Road in Glen Burnie and is open daily. For information, call Jody Vollmar, customer relations specialist, at 222-7586.

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