Dahmer movie put on hold

September 14, 1992|By Los Angeles Times

"The Jeffrey Dahmer Murders" will not be coming to a theater near you -- at least not any time soon.

The judge who presided over the notorious case of the Wisconsin candymaker-turned-cannibal had planned to write a book and authorize a screenplay based upon his accounts. But the mother of one of Dahmer's 17 victims is trying to stop the publication, and survivors of other victims have filed suits seeking to prevent Dahmer from profiting by selling the rights to his story.

Martha Hicks of Akron, Ohio, whose son Steven was killed by Dahmer in 1978, has asked the Wisconsin Judicial Commission to investigate a possible conflict of interest charge against Judge Laurence C. Gram, who presided in the case, based upon her belief that he might have been prejudiced in his rulings, knowing he would later try and capitalize on his experience. In addition to court testimony, the judge secured some additional exclusive confessions from Dahmer.

Ms. Hicks filed her claim last week, effectively putting on hold any discussions producers and agents have had with the judge's literary agent and co-screenwriter.

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