Bel Air Bobcats

September 13, 1992

Head coach: Phyllis Hemmes (21st season).

Assistant coaches: Valerie Cooper, Carol Barker.

1990 record: 12-1-1, county champions.

Returnees: Seniors Susie Samuel (F), Caryn Gural (M), Beth Mack (F), Aileen Wasson (F), Cathy Adams (M), Michelle McAvoy (D), Linda Conway (F), Laura Casey (G).

Newcomers: Senior Heather Lloyd (B); juniors Miki Schultz (F), Jennifer Conway (F), Kelly Christ (F-M), Barbara Ingrao (F), Erin Grimes (F-M), Theresa Clark (M-D), Jamie Kunkel (M-D), Renee Polek (B), Jessica McGreen (G), Kelli Sedgely (B), Amy Rafalski (M), Colleen Hammock (F-M).

Coach's outlook: "I have a lot of Indians and no chiefs. They're a very tentative bunch. I don't know if they're scared of not being able to do as well as the teams that have gone before them. I'm not finding that push down the field we've had in the past. But maybe they're game players and not practice players."

Harford Sun outlook: Hemmes hasn't had many rebuilding years during her tenure, but she said this is one of them. With just three starters back, the Bobcats lack the cohesion that has made them a perennial powerhouse. Still, Hemmes has already seen a vast improvement, and with the level of play down a bit all over the county, the Bobcats could still be in the hunt for yet another county title.

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